Look at my people!

Look at my people. Rising from the dust of anguish and despair/heaped upon them by the slaveholders snare/ look at my people whose daughter’s forced cries/from their babies sold before their very eyes/look at us. Often the victim of the whip’s lash/yet we rise free at last/look, I tell you, at my people bruises and stars/while astonished masses look for scars. Look at my people!

Published by Pastor W. Eric Croomes

W. Eric Croomes is Executive Pastor of Pastor W. Eric Croomes Ministries and Executive Coach of Infinite Strategies Coaching, which offers multilevel coaching for wellness and achievement. Pastor Croomes is author of five books, including the forthcoming The Psalm One Man. Pastor Croomes is a native of Phoenix, Arizona and resides in Fort Worth, Texas.

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