S.U.R.G.E. into the New. Stand Up Reach God’s Excellence

Who would have thought we would wake up one morning to a global pandemic? Nobody! But here we are. The question is: what do we do now? We surge into the new! Stand up and reach for God’s excellence. That sentiment is precisely what a new devotional, SURGE into the New, by Pastor W. Eric Croomes,Continue reading “S.U.R.G.E. into the New. Stand Up Reach God’s Excellence”

The Moving Forward Mindset

As believers, we have been entrusted to move forward in Christ. Moving forward requires a mind-set. Both principles – ‘moving forward’ and ‘mindset’ – are biblically-supported. From Genesis to Revelation, God is actively moving His people forward and upward. The Bible is a progressive history. In New Testament times, Jesus routinely calls people from whereContinue reading “The Moving Forward Mindset”

Why my Dad Would Sit on the Edge of His Bed

When I was younger, I would see my dad sitting on the edge of his bed after he awakened to a new day. He would often be staring forlorn into the floor, as if waiting for the impetus to pull himself up. That image stayed with me for years. I never asked my dad, whoContinue reading “Why my Dad Would Sit on the Edge of His Bed”

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